Tift County wraps up first volleyball season

Tift County athletics did something new this year. They started a volleyball program.

When Lori Greene began teaching at Tift County High, she wanted to start a volleyball team. This fall, she got her wish when 72 girls showed up at tryouts.

For the 27 who made the roster, it's been a learning experience. There've been blowouts and bad matches, but the Blue Devils still scratched out four wins. Not bad with only a few players who have ever played the sport.

"I just wanted the girls to have the opportunity to play the sport because it's a very good sport. It's a very good opportunity for them to have more scholarship offers," Greene said. "It just gives them something that they haven't had before."

There's still a bit more volleyball to be played in Tift County's inaugural season. They'll travel to an area tournament next week.