The Show is Back for the Albany Panthers

Entering the season opener, the Albany Panthers have a trophy, a team full of veterans and some past success against their week one opponent. But those Richmond Raiders still hold one advantage that the Panthers cannot take away- game experience

Richmond opened their season at home last week with a win against the Columbus Lions 64-58. The Raiders added some new offensive pieces and return a dangerous mobile quarterback. The Panthers think their opponent will need more than one game experience. Linebacker Larry Edwards believes they're already ticking at game speed.

"We practice like it's a game anyway so we're just going to bring that same intensity that we're known for as a team and try to put on a little show and have a fun...bring that kind of excitement that we love to have and that we share as a unit," Edwards said.

"I don't see it being a big advantage for them. They still have to come in to our house and we'll see where the advantage goes on Saturday," quarterback Cecil Lester said.

The Southern Indoor Football League Championship banner is already hung at the Civic Center. Albany's 2012 season opener kicks off Saturday at 7:30 PM.

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