The Eagles backfield prepared to be the leaders

The Eagles getting after it with some O-line and D-line drills. / Jon Benson

Mitchell County High School is coming off last season with a great 4-2 record from within the region. However, in non-region games the outcome was not the same with 1-3, costing them a chance into the state playoffs.

Last year was head coach Larry Cornelius first season as an Eagle and after a slow start in the season things started to pick up half way in. For Mitchell, the team went 4-1 with the last five games of the season and ending with their heads held high, and with the past behind them the team is ready to make a playoff run.

Cornelius, "these boys are chopping at the bit and ready for that first game with a chance to make it to the playoffs."

Coach Cornelius isn't concerned with his backfield on offense heading into the new season, considering they are all seniors. But what he does have concern with, is how young the offensive line is this year.

The offensive line has only one returning starter from last year, and the rest are only sophomores. These young guys are looking up to their seniors heading into the season and coach Cornelius is impressed with the response.

Cornelius, "I'm really liking our senior class, stepping up and everyone meshing well together as we get closer to our first game."

The Eagles will kickoff their season at home next week at 7:30PM against Clinch County High School and looking for some payback after losing last year 20-36.