Terrell County player making waves

Williams at the line with the rest of his Green Waves teammates. / Pat Moroney

LaTrez Williams was always going to be a football player. Even when his mother noticed signs of dwarfism, that dream never wavered.

Now, even with his medical condition, LaTrez is a member of the Terrell County High School football team. He is a freshman who plays running back and defensive back, but his value to the Greenwaves goes far beyond x's and o's.

"They love him. He's one of the guys," said head coach Vincent Huff. "He probably has the biggest heart of anyone out here because of all that he has to overcome."

By all accounts, LaTrez is just a normal ninth grader. He goes to school, hangs out with friends, and plays other sports. But his favorite sport is football.

"My favorite part is the coaches and my teammates," Williams said. "We come out here and have fun."

He plans on playing all four years at Terrell County. But he has bigger dreams, too. "I want to be a different role model," Williams said.

"Trez is going to accomplish whatever he wants to accomplish in life, and it's not because of any problems there may be because of his size," Huff said. "Trez is going to accomplish things because he wants to accomplish them."