Team First for Westover Track

It's track time once again in Albany for the Westover Relays.

This time- it's the night version. High school track teams are headed to Hugh Mills Stadium Friday night for racing underneath the lights.

Host school Westover High finished one spot from the top in the 2011 AAA State meet. The Patriots appear to have all the pieces to make another run at state finishing first and second in their last two meets.

In the field events, the Patriots shine at discus and pole vault with Dontavious Ousley and Dolphurs Hayes leading the way respectively. It's no secret that Patriots Coach Harley Calhoun and his team expect to be leading every meet after the field events. They just have to hold on once the running gets underway.

Patriots Jeremy Bonner and Craig Reddix have been solid in the track events to keep the Patriots on pace. The Westover runners may not be finishing first in every event, but they do their job to reach the team goal of meet victories. For Westover, the team is all that matters.

"Just scoring and scoring and scoring...everybody pitching in doing their best to put points on the board. All the individual events are not what win state, it's everybody pitching in," Reddix said.

"They do their job right- they're helping the team. The sprinters do their job right- they're helping the team. Everybody knows what they're good at and what they need to doâ|that's where the teamwork comes in. They know that people are depending on them to do their job," Coach Calhoun said.

The Westover Relays begin at 4:30 PM Friday with 17 schools scheduled to compete. 5A-powers Valdosta and Tift County High are familiar with success at Hugh Mills Stadium. The Blazers and Blue Devils finished first and second in last month's Smith and Benson Relays from the Albany stadium.

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