Surprise Invitation, Deerfield Player Named Preseason All-American

Deerfield-Windsor shortstop Harris Webb received a special invitation a few days ago.

One completely unexpected for the Knights senior, just appearing in the mail was an invitation to play with the top high school prospects in the nation.

Webb has been named an Under Armour Preseason All-American and will play in the All-American Preseason Tournament in Tuscon, Arizona.

The tournament is comprised of 20 teams and boasts a lengthy list of MLB alumni. Current professionals such as: Atlanta Braves outfielder B.J. Upton and Mets third baseman David Wright built their skills at the Under Armour games. With this honor, Webb is starting to build on a possible college career.

"It's just an honor to be with these kind of guys. I'll see how good they really are out there- people from everywhere. It's going to be fun, something to look forward to," Webb said. "I never though this would happen. I never though it would happen like this."

Webb isn't the only player from South Georgia with an Under Armour invite. Tiftarea's Eric Lee and Lowndes High School's Judson George have also been invited.

The tournament, filled with workshops and seminars for the high school prospects, runs from January 18-20.