Success, Championships Expected for Darton Basketball

Pushed to their season limit, the Darton State basketball team isn't used to playing so many games, so late in the season. Though, the Cavs aren't complaining about success.

"Don't quit, don't stopâ|just keep moving. Stay focused, we'll be able to sit down soon," Sophomore Cavalier Chan Fann said.

Yeah, it's been some kind of ride for the Lady Cavaliers, and it's not over yet-- 29 wins, a national ranking and a region championship. Darton State basketball is setting a new standard for its program.

"You feel good about itâ|really proud of the players and proud of their commitment. I just think we have a team that deserves a little bit more," Cavaliers head coach Lea Henry said.

A little bit more would lead to a national championship appearance. With a district win against Denmark Tech Friday, the Lady Cavaliers will be heading to the national championships in Kansas. It would be only the second appearance in school history.

"That's a big deal, that's a huge deal for any program at any level to have the opportunity to compete for a national championship," Coach Henry said.

Darton State is also looking to finish the season undefeated on the home court.

"I don't want to say itâ|but it was simple, it was easy. We won on our home court. This is our home court...we know we have to win," Fann said.

The Cavaliers team leader says it best. The mentality has changed for the Cavaliers. Hoping for success is no longer acceptable; DC has the expectation to win.