Sherwood Eagles basketball soaring

Sherwood Christian Academy off to a great start for the 2013-2014 basketball season. / Jon Benson

Sherwood Christian Academy men's basketball program had some changes at the head coaching spot, by bringing in Bryan Gelfand. The first year as an eagle Coach Gelfand has made a huge impact to start the season off.

The Eagles hit the road for their first game of the season who faced off against Highland Christian Academy and winning 94-72. Over the weekend Sherwood managed to do it again, but this time just driving right down the street to Byne Christian Academy.

The Byne basketball tournament tipped off on Thursday and wrapping up on Saturday, with Sherwood in the final game against Grace Christian Academy. In this match-up, it was a battle from start to finish and Sherwood would have the lead by 5 going into halftime (39-34). The Eagles would hold on to that lead for the remainder of the game to beat the Grace Cougars (75-67).

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