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      Scott Rigsby TMs book UnThinkable recounts his journey to make history

      Four years ago one South Georgia native wanted to end his life, and just two years later he made history.

      Scott Rigsby says a hail Mary prayer and a visit to the bookstore introduced him to his destiny " completing the toughest one day endurance race on the planet. When I saw the cover of Runner TMs Magazine, I knew God wanted me to do the Hawaiian Ironman says Rigsby.

      Rigsby TMs new book UnThinkable is a tribute to the people who helped him realize his dream to be the first double amputee to complete the Hawaii Ironman. The Hawaii Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run which must be completed in under 17 hours.

      Rigsby faced enormous challenges during his journey. His challenges included learning how to swim, how to use prosthetics while riding a bike, and breaking his back a couple of months before the Ironman.

      Rigsby committed to his dreams, surrounded himself with a strong support network, and trained for the Ironman. On October 13, 2007 Scott Rigsby became the first double amputee ever to complete an ironman using prosthetics.

      Scott says it TMs a miracle that he finished the race, and would love to compete in the Hawaii Ironman again.

      Today Rigsby travels the world as a motivational speaker. I TMm fulfilling my destiny by sharing with other people the common theme that today TMs unthinkable's are tomorrow TMs realities says Rigsby.

      You can order UnThinkable by following this link: