San Francisco Giants catcher from Leesburg named Rookie of the Year

Signs are posted all around Leesburg; citizens can purchase yard signs at the Chamber of Commerce for $10

The excitement is contagious!

Leesburg is pumped about hometown boy and San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey being named Rookie of the Year. The San Francisco Giants recruited the 23-year-old from Triple-A in May. Posey also helped the team achieve a World Series win.

Visitors don't have to go far past the city limit to see that Leesburg has Posey Pride!

Citizens were quick to post signs around the city Monday afternoon. The Chamber has been selling yard signs celebrating Posey's achievements for $10, and Davis says they are selling like hotcakes.

"We're all extremely proud of him and it could just not happen to a better person," says Lisa Davis with the Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

A committee is being established to help celebrate the accolades Posey is acquiring. Davis says there are big projects in the works and will let the community know about them as soon as details are finalized.

"I just think it's outstanding: Great season with the Giants, World Series and now Rookie of the Year," says Al Crace, Interim County Administrator for the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

But before the major league, Posey built his way up from tee ball to high school baseball.

"He had a love for all sports, but growing up he was a big baseball star around here," says Debbie DeVane, Lee County Primary School Asst. Principal. DeVane taught Posey Physical Education in kindergarten, first and second grades.

Those who knew Posey growing up say he wasn't just a star athlete; he was a star student which helped him get to where he is today.

"What you see him doing out there on the field is exactly how he was as a student: He was great, he was perfect. He always did exactly what you asked him to do," says DeVane.

Crace says Posey has a "work ethic that won't quit," which DeVane says reflects in his athletics and academics.

Posey's Gifted Teacher Cindy Carlson taught him fourth through sixth grades and says he was very smart.

"That's why he's where he is today," Carlson says. He's going to do even better. Things are going to keep going for him, we can tell."

Music Teacher at Lee County Primary Suzanne Unger says Posey was always listening and taking in the information that was given. He also played on her son's tee ball team, Unger says.

Mention the name "Buster Posey" to Leesburg citizens and one will hear a list of numerous positive attributes about the Rookie of the Year: kind, caring, bright, honor roll student.

Mention his name to sports aficionados and Posey's statistics may be listed: a .305 batting average with 18 home runs and 67 RBI's this season.

Posey received 20 out of 32 first-place votes from members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Two members of the organization in every league city conduct the vote after the regular season. Each person lists three players.