Rebuilding Process Continues at Tiftarea Academy

Last year was a struggle for Ryan Branch.

In his first season at Tiftarea Academy, the Panthers went 1-10. But the overhaul of a program takes time, and year two could jumpstart the turnaround.

Branch is confident that the team made great strides during their offseason program. He also feels like the players are grasping the staff's system much better this year. Tiftarea plans to push the tempo on offense, following the schemes that are presently taking over college football.

While the Panthers were able to move the ball last season, they were not able to stop anybody. With a number of kids playing on both sides of the ball, conditioning was a priority all summer.

Branch knows the Tiftarea program isn't a quick fix, but he likes what he has in 2013.

"I feel good about our kids," Branch said. "I feel good that we're at least gonna fight and we're gonna put up a show every night."