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      Phoebe honors Albany sports legends with street names

      Nancy Lopez and Ray Knight now have streets named in their honor.Thursday afternoon Phoebe Putney President Joel Wernick made the dedication before a crowd.Lopez is a Hall of Fame professional golfer who has earned numerous accolades throughout her multi-year career.

      You really don't think about winning awards anymore because you really don't win them, but honors like this will stand for a long time and they'll be everlasting even when you're gone. So I think it's even more special, said Nancy Lopez.Ray Knight is a two-time Major League Baseball All-Star for 1980 and 1982.

      I don't feel special but today I feel special and it's a great honor to look up and see your name on a sign, said Ray Knight.

      The streets named in their honor are called Nancy Lopez Lane and Ray Knight Way. The streets run alongside the Phoebe Putney outpatient facility near Meredyth Drive.

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