Pelham Hornets Ready to Swarm

The Pelham team taking a break from the hot sun and enjoying some water. / Jon Benson

Last year the Pelham Hornets football team saw some improvement. Although the team did not make the playoffs, they did enter the offseason feeling good. This is head coach Frankie Carroll's fourth season and this year is different than any other he has coached since being with Pelham High School.

Coach Carroll said, "Four years ago I had a group of freshman that I started on defense and now these guys are seniors."

Over the four years Coach Carroll has watched d-line man Justin Smith, linebacker Logan Barrett, defensive backs Desmond Parker and Clarence Almond play together. The four guys also play on offense but have primarily played defense.

On the offensive side of the ball Coach Carroll talked about how strong his offensive line looks and how comfortable he is with his running backs.

Coach Carroll said, "We have no excuses for putting points on the board we just have to get it done."

Pelham will get their first scrimmage game against Albany High School on August 15th at Pelham.