Panthers Losing Streak Causes Major Roster Shake Up

The Albany Panthers are currently dealing with an issue that hasn't happened while the Panthers have been an indoor football franchise-- a losing streak.

Albany suffered its first two-game losing streak with a 51-38 loss to Alabama on Saturday. Coach Lucious Davis says the problems will be fixed before the Panthers next game.

"Changes are coming. I guarantee that," Coach Davis said on Sunday.

In light of the dubious streak, Davis expects to make major roster moves and personnel changes with the offensive and defensive lines coming under the most scrutiny.

Though, most frustrating to the head coach, his team flat out gave up during the final minutes of the road loss.

"A lot of guys, you can just tell quit (on Saturday night), they didn't have the 'want to' and that type of attitude. I just have to step up and get rid of (those players)," Davis said.

The Panthers are also dealing with kicking woes. Normal place kicker Ryan Gates injured his groin in the first quarter against Alabama forcing the Panthers to attempt two-point conversions throughout the remainder of the game. Gates was unable to walk after the game.

The team will look at replacement kickers during the upcoming bye weeks.