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      Panthers, city officials have not met

      The future prospects for a 2014 Albany Panthers season in Albany have dimmed as Panthers' owner Rod Chappell says that unless there is a miracle, there will be no 2014 season.According to an official statement made on February 11th, representatives from the Albany Panthers and the Professional Indoor Football League were planning to meet with officials from the city of Albany last week to discuss their terminated lease agreement. According to Assistant City Manager Wes Smith, that meeting never happened.Smith said the dates reserved for Panthers TM home games have been released and the city is making other arrangements. The city notified the Panthers of the terminated lease agreement on January 23rd.I don TMt think there TMs any way this can be resurrected, Smith said.Chappell says he had been in contact with Albany City Manager James Taylor during the process and was taken aback by the statement released by city officials last week.While he has lost $250,000, Chappell says hehasn't ruled out the possibility of the Panthers returning for a 2015 season.