Packers, Indians prepare for semifinals

Only a few schools remain in the hunt for a state championship.

The semifinals take place on Friday night, and Colquitt County's in the same place as they were last season. They'll travel to Norcross to avenge their semifinal loss in 2012.

"We want to go up there and get a victory and go to the dome and get another victory," quarterback Daniel Mobley said. "We don't want them to end our season again."

The Packers think they match up better physically this season. If they can get past Norcross, they'll be in the state championship game.

"This right here is the separation game," said senior Jamiyus Pittman. "I feel like we got a good chance in the dome."

In 1A, Irwin County is back at home for the third week in a row. After blowout victories in rounds one and two, they'll host Charlton County in a rematch of November 8th's victory.

Head coach Jon Lindsey likes the attitude of his kids heading into Friday night.

"They're excited. They respect Charlton, they're not afraid of Charlton," Lindsey said. "They know it's gonna be a great game Friday night and we got to be ready to play."