Offense Hungrier During ASU Spring Game

The Albany State football team wrapped up spring practice with the Annual Blue and Gold game on Friday. It was an important spring as the Golden Rams are searching for new leaders on both sides of the ball. But, perhaps just as important for this night- the scoreboard decided the postgame meal for the players.

In a tradition started by ASU Head Coach Mike White five years ago, the winning side between the offense and the defense earned steak. The loser had to settle for a hot dog, a bun and some ketchup.

In the third quarter, the "dirty blue" defense held a slim lead over the gold team, but transfer quarterback Keenan Grisset and crew were just getting started. Grisset tossed a touchdown to Ronnie Tubbs in the final plays, and running back Nathan Hoyte scored on a dazzling 38 yard run to give the gold team its second straight spring game victory.

Captaining the defensive side, Coach White was forced to eat hot dogs. Even without a top cut of meat, White was pleased with how his team capped off the spring.

"I think it was a very healthy spring for us. I think we saw our leaders step up and make plays for us and we think that's going to pay big dividends here in the fall," White said.

Hoyte is ready to step up as a leader on the field displaying midseason form on Friday. While Hoyte may not be as vocal some of his other teammates, he was quick to vocalize his displeasure about the end of the 2011 season.

"We didn't like the way the season ended last year in the playoffs," Hoyte said. "As a team, the O-line was opening holes, the receivers were blocking and I was just trying to do my best to find the holes...I guess, collectively we all worked together as a team."

The Golden Rams were thrown out of last season's playoffs in the first round by North Greenville 63-14. While ASU can't do anything about that final score, they're focused on being better in 2012. The groundwork for a better season started this spring.

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