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      NFL Player Charles Grant visits Albany high school

      Charles Grant grew up in Southwest Georgia and went on to become a Superbowl champion. Thursday he shared some of his experiences with local students.

      Grant stopped by the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center Thursday.

      ~Believe in yourself' is what I am trying to get these children to understand. First you have to be, said Grant.

      Most of the students are at the school because they've had academic problems.

      He says he wanted to tell the students, just because they are down doesn't mean they're out.

      Grade-wise when I was at regular school, Westover, I never really went, and if I did go I didn't do school work, said senior Corey Parks.

      The group that I am speaking to now, they are two years behind in grades. Because you are two years behind in grades you got to push yourself harder now then you ever did before to catch up to other people that you want to catch up to and be successful in life, said Grant.

      Grant played his high school football at Miller County High School and went to college at the University of Georgia.

      He was a part of the New Orleans saints Superbowl winning team in 2010.

      Being that he came from a small town setting. I also came from a small town setting. I also grew up in a small town setting. He just made me think it TMs not where you come from, it's where you want to go and what you want to be in life, said Parks.