New Terrell County Facilities Close to Completion

The Terrell County School System is close to completing a new baseball and softball field for the high school.

Best news for the Greenwave, the brand new facilities are waiting on campus. This is the first time in 20 years Terrell County will have its baseball and softball facilities on the main campus plot.

Former Terrell County baseball and softball players had to travel eight miles outside of the city for practice. Construction is almost completed and will be done before the start of each sport's season.

Terrell County baseball coach Pat Cuff says this is the opportunity for Greenwave students to take on the two sports.

"With the facilities that they're building here, they're giving us all the tools and resources to have a great program. It's just up to the kids and to the coaches to get it going," Coach Cuff said.

"We've got push each other and get the kids out here working."

It's taking 32 million dollars to get all the Terrell County facilities in the same location. Terrell County Superintendent Robert Aaron says none of it came from local tax dollars.

Eighteen million dollars came from the 1% sales tax. The remaining 14 million dollars was raised by Department of Education grants (School Entitlement and Low Wealth funds).

Terrell County is scheduled to build a track and field facility and a football practice facility by the beginning of the 2015 school year.