New Cavalier-in-Charge

The 2011 Darton College baseball season is over, and at the close of the Cavalier gates this year so closed the era of 18 year head coach Glenn Eames.

But the new Cav-in-charge Scot Hemmings isn't planning to shut any doors on Eames anytime soon.

"Glenn was a big factor in me coming down here...I'm not going to try and replace coach Eames. I'm going to come here and do what I know best, but also lean on him for some guidance," Hemmings said.

Hemmings will have a guide, but the coach may not need the compass. He knows his way around Darton after playing against the Cavs at ABAC in 1996 and 1997, and coaching against DC at Andrew College from '04 to '08

Hemmings expects his upcoming Darton squads to win, but the coach's definition of winning is broader than just the numbers on the scoreboard.

"The elite player has the good grades, the good character, the good ability, the good off the field...on the field attitude and that's my goal here," Hemmings said. "It's not just to sign baseball players or sign good players...we want the whole package."

Basically, the Cavs coach wants someone cut from his own baseball cloth.

"Three words...intense, demanding, fair," Hemmings said

That description appears on the mark except for one possible addition- successful. Hemmings was a winner and two-time coach of the year at the GCAA private school Andrew College, an education that costs $20,000 a year for tuition/room and board.

"We hustled...yes, it was a difficult situation but I am glad I had the opportunity to coach at Andrew because it taught me how to run a program," Hemmings said.

Hemmings ran it well. He took the Tigers to back-to-back 30 win seasons in '06 and '07. Now, the coach acquires a new program with fresh challenges of its own, but he's ready to build upon his winning blueprint.

"The commitment to winning is here...You can look at this place and see they're committed to excellence and that's what I am about," Hemmings added. "Getting in a place where they want to win as much as I do, but also a place that gives you the resources to win and they do that."