Monroe's Jabari McGhee Discusses His College Future

In the past four years, discussions about Albany prep basketball have usually circled around one player.

Monroe's Jabari McGhee played the game at a proven level. And if it hasn't already, the celebration can begin for the four-year basketball star.

For McGhee, graduation is coming, a college basketball career is upcoming, and he can shed all of those prep star expectations.

"The toughest part (of my Monroe career) were the expectations. You have to get better year after year after year. And if you don't, you know the city of Albany. They will come down on you," McGhee said.

McGhee has been the answer to Albany hoops with over one thousand career points and countless player awards. He's, also, been the subject of local scrutiny.

With that criticism, McGhee casts it away like he did most his high school opponents-- with a shrug and a smile.

"As long as you have the people supporting you, you support them. People are going to say whatever they want to, but as long as the close people are on your side. You'll be alright," McGhee said.

Committed to Auburn University for the class of 2014, McGhee will spend a post-grad year at Virginia's Hargrave Military School.

McGhee says it was a decision based off an educated family discussion, maturity and the flat out (missing) aspect of his game.

"My shooting. I can get to the rim, I can be a good leader, I can pass the ball. My shooting? I don't know too much about that," McGhee said.

"That's the one thing I was scared aboutâ|going to college not being ready to play the two (shooting guard) or three (small forward) position. I just want to better myself, to be ready."

Education is at the forefront for McGhee and in that facet he's ready to work. The forward believes Hargrave will add a missing piece to his game and some discipline.

The city of Albany will miss Jabari McGhee. There may not be another one like him, and if he has it his way-- there won't.