Mitchell County Spreading its Wings

Score one for the running backs at Mitchell County High School.

The Eagles hired former North Murray Head Coach Larry Cornelius to run the football program this spring, and that's exactly what he plans to do.

Cornelius is switching Mitchell County from a spread offense to the running back heavy, Wing-T attack in 2012.

The 40 Eagles players have bought in behind the leadership of offensive lineman Bryan Ellis and an impressive rotation of speed. Coach Cornelius is confident in six running backs handling the ball on a regular basis this fall.

Naturally, tailback K.J. Pollard supports the Eagle's change in offensive philosophy.

"I like the change in the new offense. I think Coach "C" and the guys are really focused this year. It's a little rough around the edges (right now), but I think if we execute the plays and get everything right. I think we'll have a good season this year," Pollard said.

Senior Jaquan Williams will start at quarterback for Cornelius and the Eagles. Mitchell and Baconton Charter meet for a scrimmage on August 17.