Minor League Team Brings Different Style

There are 10 weeks still standing between Southwest Georgia and high school football, but don't give up hope- it's not a lost cause for football in the area.

The Albany Panthers begin their playoff campaign on Saturday, but if the outdoor ball is more your style there's a team only beginning its 2011 season.

Down highway 82 in Dawson a minor league football team is embarking on its regular season and a hopeful playoff run. However, the players of the South Georgia Noles desire more than a winning season- they have the desire to be noticed.

The Noles are a developmental team in an unpaid minor league. On the team's website, the mission statement reads that the athletes play for the love of the game. The team, comprised of players with varying levels of experience levels, brings a majority of its squad from the Albany-area.

The South Georgia squad has built a promising start to the 2011 season with a 2-0 record winning those games by an overall score of 95-18

The Noles are off this week before another home game to showcase their talents at Terrell County stadium against the Florida Falcons.