Marathon Tourney Continues for ASU Volleyball

Hitting the loser's bracket in day one of the SIAC tournament, the Albany State volleyball team prepared for a marathon on Thursday.

But, after three matches, each separated by four hours, the Lady Rams survived moving to the tournaments final day.

The Lady Rams were perfect against Fort Valley State, Lemoyne-Owen and Tuskegee playing the bare minimum of nine games.

ASU Head Coach Robert Skinner is hoping his team still has gas left in the tank.

"We've got enough gas for in the morningâ|at 12 o'clock (time of second match)â|I don't know. They were sluggish that last game, so I don't know what they're going to have left," Coach Skinner said. "I think they have enough in the morning, but we have to win it in three (games). If we don't win in three, I think we're going to be in trouble."

It'll be another long day for an Albany State championship. ASU must win at 10 AM and at noon in order to reach the best two out of three title series starting at 3 PM.