Lockette Looking Out for Southwest Georgia

Former Monroe wide receiver Ricardo Lockette scored his first NFL touchdown in the final week of the regular season.

Unfortunately for Lockette, it was not enough for his Seattle Seahawks to get close to the playoffs. Now as most teams are deep in to the offseason, the rookie receiver has planned a comeback route through Southwest Georgia.

This week, the Seahawk player has been visiting with local students at various schools and churches. On Wednesday, the former Tornado's spoke to the Saint James Baptist Church congregation in Baconton.

The Fort Valley State grad talked about the importance of staying in school, making wise choices with friends and listening to parents.

All the things you would expect a role model to say. But Lockette knew how to relate to the message- he was one of those kids not too long ago.

Even this season- Lockette's rookie year is the epitome of perseverance.

It started with a call by Seattle the day the lock-out finished and ended with Lockette catching a 61 yard touchdown in Seattle's regular season finale. That's only half the story- wedged in betweenâ|was a trip to the practice squad and 14 regular season games without a catch.

The speedster nicknamed the Rocket continues to look up saying this year has been a dream come true. The NFL receiver is hoping his words can help these South Georgia kids realize their own goals, as well.

"I hope that I just instill belief. If I reach two or three or maybe just one kid that had self esteem problemsâ|that felt like just because they were from a certain area they couldn't do itâ|I hope today that they heard at least one thing that I said and it makes them a better person in life," Lockette said.

Lockette will begin NFL season two training in Arizona in February.