Local students prepare for national archery championship

Lake Park Archery Team

Twenty three Lake Park Elementary School students will compete against 7,000 of the nation's best archers next month.

The archery team has been practicing twice a week after schools and the archers say it's a lot of fun.

Coach Jeremy McKinley says more than 60 students auditioned for the team and he choose 23 archers who've come a long way since December. "I knew there was a lot of hard work that would go into training them, finding their aiming points, and hitting the target they needed to. Once things clicked, arrows started flying to where they needed to and they got higher scores" says McKinley.

The third through fifth graders have worked since December to learn the rules, how to set up, whistle commands, and improving their aim. When FOX 31 News observed archery practice we saw the archers mostly shoot in the yellow bulls eye and surrounding red area which are the highest scoring areas.

Students will travel to Louisville Kentucky in early May to compete for a national archery title.