Leesburg's Posey headed to World Series

Buster Posey, a rookie catcher for those Giants is headed to baseball's biggest stage

On the other side of the country baseball fans are celebrating now that the San Francisco Giants are headed to the World Series.

While a lot of Georgians would rather it is the braves, there are a group of fans closer to home that couldn't be happier.

Because one of their own, Buster Posey, a rookie catcher for those Giants is also headed to baseball's biggest stage.

"It's what you play for. You play for moments like this; to come here and win this game in this type of environment. I don't know what to say," said Posey.

At Leesburg's United Methodist Church, where Buster attended, they're all smiles.

"We have one of our own boys," said Eloise Green.

"We've had pros before but nothing like Buster," said Opal Cannon

"Who could ever think of a rookie starting two months late into a season and making it to the World Series," said Butch Watts.

Buster Posey's major league dream took off At Lee County High School. People close to the game say with the talent he possessed it's not a surprise that he's the he's playing in the big leagues.

"He showed it in the field day in and day out, every game he played. He was gang busters in every league he played in," said Watts.

Talent aside, they say what separates Posey is his character.

"He takes it very seriously and very humbly. He comes from that kind of a family, on both sides. His mother and his father are people that are very patient and unassuming and humble," said Cannon.