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      Lee County wrestlers remember teammate

      A day after Lee County High School wrestler Benjamin Graham died in a plumbing accident, his team TMs Facebook page has turned into a memorial with friends and even former opponents sharing memories of him.

      One of Graham TMs teammates, Zach Thompson, was accidentally injured while wrestling Graham.

      I get on bottom and I go to stand up, and Ben picks me up and slams me back down to the mat, and somewhere in there his arm landed on mine and broke mine, said Thompson. Everybody knows how tough Ben is as a wrestler " he's just got grit in him.

      He had a lot of heart, he'd turn a wrestling match into a brawl, that's how hard he went " pretty aggressive, said Rashaud Anthony, also a teammate of Graham TMs.

      Graham, 17, was electrocuted while plumbing under a house on West Gordon Ave. yesterday morning.

      There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new room at the Lee County wrestling building tomorrow night at 5 pm. Graham TMs coach, Tom Matheny, plans to hold a moment of silence for Ben at the ceremony.