Lee County Can't Get Enough Competition

Competition fuels the fire for the Lee County Trojans. For 2012, it's open season at every position according to Trojans Head Coach Dean Fabrizio.

"We believe that you've got to come to compete every day. We're going to play the kids that give us the best chance to be successful and that could change every week," Fabrizio said.

The man in the middle of the offense is at the center of the competition- the quarterback. 2011 starter Matt Mears and Stephen Collier will compete at the Trojans quarterback spot, but the competition isn't only motivating the QB's.

"We have people practicing after practice all the time...running bleachers...we didn't see that very much last year," Lee County receiver Andrew Stroud said.

The Trojans offense has always been visible averaging 31 points a game last season. It's been the defense that has been difficult. Fabrizio says the improved play of safety Quan Jamison and linebacker Tavarus Wester may change that.

"There are certainly a lot of areas we can improve on from last year. Defensively, at times we played well, but the consistency is what we have to get a lot better at," Coach Fabrizio said.

With more experience pushing the Trojans as the team returns five starters on each side of the ball, Fabrizio thinks his squad is closer to their state playoff sighting of 2010 rather than last year's four win expedition.

"We didn't have near the experience that played the year before (2010). We feel like we've got more experience this year and we feel like we should have a good football team," Fabrizio said.

"Sky's the limit for us. We just have got to execute what the coaches want us to do and execute what Coach Fabrizio wants us to do," Stroud said.

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