Lee County Basketball is 'All In' Under New Head Coach

Lee County basketball coach Kirven Davis is a riding enthusiast. The harsh, loud rumble of a Harley Davidson Road Glide engine is the sound Coach Davis enjoys most.

Even Davis admits- it's certainly not the ride most people expect from a basketball coach, but it describes the work Davis has done with the Trojans perfectly.

The first-year Lee County coach, known as a drill sergeant and a father figure, has made sweeping positive changes for his Trojan players.

"He (Davis) kind of drilled it in to usâ|as was forced. He said we we're going to get better, so we worked and just got it done really," Westover High School transfer Reggie Breedlove said.

"In order to create some change it takes some kind of force and rigid process. You've got to break down and build back up. We're kind of building back up now," Coach Davis said.

Indifference previously surrounded a hoops squad that hadn't won a region game since 2007. All the expectations changed last week as the Trojans won two of three games in AAAAA- Region 1 play.

"We used to just come in to practiceâ|mess around and just play. Now, it's time to work, it's time to get here and get better," Forward Stephen Collier said.

It started with intense summer workouts and continued with intense practice sessions. The Trojans official motto of "All In" has this band of players believing. Forward Aaron May has played several positions for Lee County this season. To May, stats don't matter, only victories.

"Everybody's sacrificing their spots. We know we can play any position we want to. Everybody on the team can play any position...we can do it. We have the players to make it to the playoffs," May said.

Currently, Lee County holds a playoff spot sitting third in the region standings. The Trojans won a region championship in 2007. The goal is to raise another banner to the rafters this season. If it happens, the team will look back to their recent streak as the championship moment.

"For them to see the fruits of their labor that is big, it just makes the program look attractive," Coach Davis said.