Lee County Baseball Shortens 'Show' Invitational

Lee County's Greatest Show on Dirt Invitational has hit a snag in the road.

Due to the expected weekend thunderstorms, Lee County has cancelled their Friday and Saturday rounds of baseball. The Trojans will make up the games with Colquitt County and Centennial throughout the season, but will play Crisp County on Thursday.

Experience won't be a problem for the current crop of Trojans with a bevy of seniors. Lee County has set a new school record with 11 seniors on the roster, but the bat of former Trojan slugger Daniel Nichols is gone. Now, Nichols is knocking in homeruns for the Georgia Bulldogsâ"he hit his first college four-baser this weekend against Georgia Southern.

Without that kind of bat, Lee County will be looking to the seniors.

"We've all been together for a really long time now. We play really well as a team. We play for each other. I think we're going to be something to play against this season," Trojan Third Baseman Matt Mears said.

"We can't start 11 seniors. (I told them) to stay positive, stay focused in the game. They're all going to contribute a lot...every one of them," Coach Rob Williams said.

Senior outfielder Andrew Stroud could see some time at designated hitter in the Crisp County opener. The Middle Georgia signee suffered an ACL injury during the Lee County football season, and can do everything but run the bases.

Coach Williams says they're staying patient, so Stroud is ready for region competition.