Lee County 4-H shotgun team get a new place to practice

The Lee County 4-H shotgun team has a new place for its members to practice.

Boys and girls from all over the county have been participating in the 4-H shotgun team for many years. Several of the participants have competed as individuals and on the team level around the state in skeet and trap events. One member says it has been a great experience so far.

Harrison Scott, who has been participating for four years as a member, says "they really welcomed me into it and showed me I could do it and showed me what it's all about and how much fun it could be."

This new location is going to give 4-H members an opportunity to have four acres to practice on.

Jerry Ramsey Sr., a 4-H coach says "learning how to use a gun safely is our number one thing. Keeping these kids safe given something to do besides playing video games."

Before Jordon Road became their permanent location, the team practiced on a muddy dirt road in area that wasn't the easiest to navigate.

Members are excited about this new space. "There is a little bit more room so we can have more shooters out at one time and since everybody is not camped up together, its probably a lot safer" says 4-H member Matthew Howard.

The field was dedicated to coach Glenn Smith who has been a leader with the program and in the community.

Glenn Smith says "well it means a lot to me, I been involved with coaching kids and couch sports my whole life. My father was involved with it and I'm involved with it."

If you want to find out more about 4-H Lee County shotgun team log onto their website.