Lee Co. represented on & off the field at the MLB All-Star

Leesburg's three biggest stars all have a role in the MLB All-Star game. / Sean Streicher

In the MLB All-Star game three strikes means you're out, and for the Leesburg, 3 stars means you're in, as the city will be well represented both on the field and on the stage.

Leesburg's Luke Bryan will be singing the national anthem, Phillip Phillips will perform his hit single "Home" and Buster Posey will be starting behind the place for the National League.

Buster Posey must have learned a thing or two from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips on how to get votes, as Posey received the most All-star votes ever in National League.

With all three guys reaching an All-Star status, the baseball game offers the rare opportunity for them to be in the same location at the same time. Phillip's dad Donnie is proud his son is apart of this elite group, "For three, and I will say celebrities, are going to be in one place at the same time representing one town, and that's Leesburg, Georgia. It's just a wonderful feeling my son is apart of it."

Phillips mother says Having them there together makes it especially fitting for Phillips to be performing his single, "He'll feel like there're a little bit more of home with him to go with his song (Home)."

You can catch all three guys doing what they do best here on FOX 31, Tuesday night starting at 7:30pm.