Larry Dean Football Camp

Larry Dean signing autographs for all the young campers. / Jon Benson

Ever since Larry Dean made his debut with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2011, it has always been a dream of his to run his own youth football camp. Entering its second year is the 2nd Annual Larry Dean and Friends Youth Football and Cheer camp hosted in his home town; Tifton Georgia.

Dean said, "I was asked by some kids during a back to school rally, where I give school supplies to young students, when are you going to start a youth football camp?"

After some time talking with his father and some teammates, the once dream became a reality.

Dean said, "With the help of some former and current players, we were finally able to get the camp started last summer."

The youth football camp has been a great success after only entering its second year. The day camp hosted over a 120 young boys, starting in the first grade and over 60 young girls who took part in cheerleading. The camp focuses on the basic fundamentals of the game, like footwork, your stance, and even communications on the field.

Once the field cleared and the campers wrapped up the day, Larry Dean stuck around signing t-shirts, footballs, hats, or anything a young camper could get their hands on. Finally, after seeing all the different kids smiling and having fun, Larry Dean and company are already working on ideas for next year's camp.