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      Golf courses do what they can to survive the summer

      Winter is golf TMs busy season, but courses don TMt exactly shut down during the long, hot summer.

      Places like the Flint River Course in Albany are tasked with keeping the course up to par for loyal customers. They plant a new grass during the summer and pump more water into it to make it playable and to please the players. The budget is also a concern.

      No matter how much money you spend or whatever you do, every golf course has its challenge, said Roy Snead, the course manager at Flint River. We TMre happy to be here to offer a good product to the city of Albany.

      There TMs no shortage of golfers willing to withstand the heat, and many courses offer a twilight rate to up late afternoon business.

      If you TMre not going to come out early, we TMd advise you to come out and play nine holes, Snead said. Or come out in the evening time and play a whole 18 holes.