GISA Leader Strikes Scholarship with Point University

The GISA's top goal scorer, T.J. Clay, has picked a college destination. Sherwood Christian's soccer star wasn't too keen on some of the big schools to offer a scholarship. Clay just wanted the right one.

The GISA All-State player signed with Atlanta's Point University spurning some offers from larger schools.

Clay also spurned some other sports. Soccer isn't the only Clay specialty. He's a big-time player on the football field and basketball court for the Eagles, as well.

However, none of it compares to his soccer skills. Success runs through the senior. No matter what path Clay chose, success would follow.

Though, Point University is getting a good one. Last season, Clay led the GISA with 33 total goals. That mark may be low for Clay's senior season. In two games this year, the striker has already buried six goals in the back of the net.

"It's a new program, so I'm looking forward to stepping up and showing them what I haveâ|and also for them to prepare me in the future," Clay said.