Georgia Sting reload for another state title

The young and talented Georgia Sting prepare for the weekend as they face off against the Titletown Titans / Jon Benson

Southwest Georgia is full of high school football fans. Two coaches took it a step farther and started a Pop Warner football team here in Albany and last year would start the dawn of a new and young age.

Pop Warner football is a youth football league ranging from kids ages 5 through 13. As popular as football is in the south, coach Ivory Williams and Jessie Breedlove started the Georgia Sting.

Over 140 kids play for the Sting and make up five different teams, that are grouped by age. Along with the football players are also 38 cheerleaders, who travel with the team.

The goal of the program is to let the kids play other talent outside of their county or region. For example, the Georgia Sting are traveling to Valdosta over the weekend to compete against the Titletown Titans.

Towards the end of the season Pop Warner will host a state playoff, and the winner will play at the national level, at Disneyworld. When the football games begin they start with the youngest group of athletes and work their way up by age group.

The great thing about this program is how Pop Warner gets involved with helping young players with their academics and even help with college scholarships.

All five teams will travel to Valdosta this on Saturday to play at Valwood High School.