First on FOX: USA Triathlon coming to Albany in 2012

A triathlon is coming to the Good Life City next year, organizers said.

The event, sanctioned by the USA Triathlon, is set for June 2012 at Chehaw Park.

"Albany is excited to be hosting the "Thru the Zoo," Triathlon," said Liz Gray, the manager of sales and public relations at the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We host lots of cycling events and a lot of running events through "Albany Run-Walk," and some other programs, and we thought this was a great opportunity to do that."

The event will include a 400-yard swim across Lake Chehaw, a 14-mile bike ride and a three-mile run.

John Holt, the triathlon director, said a committe has begun meeting to ensure the event complys with official rules and regulatuions. Officials expect about 400 people from across the southwest to particpate, and they expect that to boost the city's economy.

"We'll have lots of people come from all around and stay in our hotels," Gray said. "We expect an economic impact of about $50,000."

Children can also participate; there will be a duathlon for them which will include everything except the swim.