FB Story of the Day: Wheelchair activities

Working out at the YMCA. / Allen Carter

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know 'are there any activities for people in wheelchairs in Albany?'

Many disability experts say people in wheelchairs are just as capable as able-bodied people, and there aren't many extra activities in the city.

However, we did find some programs at the YMCA. They have a special workout room equipped for people in wheelchairs.

"They used our weight equipment that is all pressurized air, and there is oppertunities for individuals that are more functional. They slide themselves out of the wheel chair and onto the equipment. Or for individuals that actually need a care provider the care provider will come in and assist them," said Mary Ganzel.

The YMCA also has a handicap accessible pool and offers chair yoga for people in wheelchairs and others who just want to sit down.