Family is First Priority for Darton Ace

On the softball field, Darton College pitcher Katy Jordan takes care of her own. The sophomore does everything in the circle picking up double digit wins and saves this season for the Cavaliers. That will to win has led Jordan to the top of most national pitching rankings.

"Usually, I just have to relax and know that I'm going to dominate the batter...they're not going to dominate me and I'm going to win the battle," Jordan said.

When the sophomore's not going the distance for her Cavs- she's dealing with long distance. Last season, Jordan married her long time boyfriend, a specialist in the US Army. In September, David Jordan began a one year term in Afghanistan.

"If I'm lucky I'll probably hear from him at least once every 2 or 3 days, but he'll get on yahoo and send me a text and he'll be like "I love you. I miss you. I'm ok" and I'm ok with that," Jordan said.

The unshakeable pitcher with three no hitters this year admits the deployment was tough to handle- that's where her teammates came in to play.

"I was really upset when he first left, but they told me there's no other way except to cope with it and know that another day is one day closer to him coming home," Jordan said.

Home for Jordan is the Cavalier Softball field. Where Cavaliers head coach David Dews has created a family environment for his players- that extends to Jordan's husband.

"He's part of the family, as well. Just like our parents and people that care about our program...all of us are in it together and we stay close," Dews said.

"With him being in the army, I support him for that and me playing softball he supports me for I know that he understands that softball is in my blood," Jordan said.

For Jordan, family is always the number one priority.