Elderly become Olympians in SOWEGA Senior Olympics

On Thursday the SOWEGA Council on Aging held their annual Senior Olympics

When you think of seniors you might think of discounts and lunch buffets. But how about Olympiads?

"They get together in some friendly competition and do a few games with each other. We have seven different actual games," said Megan Barr of the SOWEGA Council on Aging.

On Thursday the SOWEGA Council on Aging held their annual Senior Olympics bringing elders from as far away as Dawson and Sylvester.

"We have half-mile walk, then they disperse and go into golf, horseshoe, frisbee, football, softball," said Barr.

They're not just tossing the ball around haphazardly. Some of the competitors take their events very seriously.

For Christine Jenkins it's the beanbag throw she says she practices at least twice week.

"I try to get it in my hand to where it feels comfortable and then i try to give it a little lift so it will fall down in the hole. Sometimes it will slide and sometime it will fall out," said Jenkins.

Of course you can't have Olympics without awards, and there were at least a couple of people who walked away looking like Michael Phelps.

"It's supposed to be all in fun but we get a few that make sure they get the right scores," said Barr.

There were more than 80 senior citizens out here today, but more important than the competition and athletics, many of the people said their favorite part was being able to hang out with one another.

"They love it, they love coming out here, they have a blast, you can just look around and see for yourself how much fun they have," said Barr.