Dougherty softball with the hot bat

Head Coach Ty Hayes giving some fielding lessons to his young team, the Dougherty High School Trojans / Jon Benson

High school football has been getting most of the hype as fall approaches, but one sport has been in full swing since before school started; softball.

The Dougherty County Trojans have been working hard to make a playoff run.

Sitting at an overall record of 2-2, head coach Ty Haynes isn't worried, considering how early it is into the season.

Coach Hayes says "I explain to the girls that it's early and to stay confident as the season moves on, the wins will fall in place."

However, they do have some reason for concerns; is the youth of the team going to effect the Trojans moving forward? Coach Hayes doesn't seem to think so.

Hayes adds that he has "been impressed with how our young girls are hitting this season and each game it's getting better and better."

It does help not having to stress about the batting when you are putting people on base and points on the board.

The Trojan's season continues with a double header against Monroe Tuesday night starting at 5PM.