Dougherty Football Starting a Freshman at QB

Second-year Dougherty head football coach Jesse Hicks really believes 2011 is his first official season. Hicks got a late start as the new Trojans coach last summer, and finished 2010 with a 2-8 record- making the coach's belief understandable.

The Trojans changed it up this season with practice and personnel moves. Dougherty players have been in the weight room since losing their final regular season game to Monroe 34-14 last October. Hicks believes the workout regimen created a new sense of maturity in his players, but the key offensive pieces this year will still be fresh in age.

Quarterback Willie Jones and tailback Demetrius Reed will both be starting as freshman at two of the biggest positions. Coach Hicks understands starting the freshman could be dangerous.

"You want a guy that ain't going to get flustered, a guy that's not going to get shaken easilyâ|because once the defensive coordinator finds out you're playing a freshman...they're going to send people at them...they're going to hit them," Hicks said. "The same thing with our tailbacks...these guys have a got to grow up. I just had a meeting with our freshman...I told all of them this is a different level."

Hicks will attempt to take Dougherty back to the top in Georgia high school football. The Trojans begin this season with an inter-city game against the Albany Indians on Aug. 27.

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