Defending the National Title

Valdosta State University's football practice as the Blazers gear up to host Angelo State on Saturday. / Jon Benson

Defending a championship title is a tough thing to do and when it's the national title, it makes it that much more difficult. That's exactly how it is for Valdosta State as they get ready for another week of practice.

Coming into the new season you cannot ask for anything better than a perfect 2-0 record to start. In week two the Blazers had their first home game, that followed a nice shutout. The only real big question for the Blazers is how well the new offensive line will hold up later down the road.

Last year Valdosta State's offensive line were all seniors, two went to the NFL and the others graduated. This year it is a whole new squad blocking for senior quarterback Cayden Cochran.

Head Coach David Dean,'it hurt losing all those talented guys, but these young guys have stepped up and have been improving each week."

Improving is an understate, so far this season the offensive line hasn't given up a sack. The running game isn't slowing down either. With two returning starters in the back field averaging just over nine yards a carry.

Coach Dean,"it is nice to have the duel threat in the backfield back for another season, and each game they continue to get better."

The Blazers will put that perfect 2-0 record on the line this weekend has they host Angelo State at 7 PM.