Deerfield-Windsor Runs Past Westfield

The shine of a state football championship still apparent, it's been a slow start for Deerfield-Windsor basketball.

Not in the way of the men's record- they're 3-1 this season. Just in the way head coach Gordy Gruhl expects his Knights to play- the winning way.

Coming off the first loss of the season, Deerfield-Windsor attacked Westfield early and often for a 62-33 win at Henry Gym. Ramello Carter led the Knights scoring 11 points for Deerfield's fourth victory of the season.

The Knights travel to Damascus Saturday afternoon to play Southwest Georgia Academy.

Friday GISA Scores
Mount De Sales 34 â" Sherwood Christian 45

Mount De Sales 44 â" Sherwood Christian 20
Westfield 69 â" Deerfield-Windsor 40