Darton State Preps for District Tournament Preview

Darton State golf is calling this week a district tournament preview. Finally in full form, the Cavaliers are hoping for progress.

There's still a little over a month before the region and district championshipsâ"although, six of the twelve district teams will be playing in Albany at the Doublegate Invitational.

"This golf course is a little more difficult than the one at district this year. It'll give us a good feel of how we're stacking up against them...if we play well. If we don't play well than it might show us even more," Darton coach Bill Jones said.

It's been an inconsistent year for most of the Cavaliers, mostly due to a young roster, but sophomore Nick Green has stepped up in to the number one player role. Green won the individual championship at the Faulkner State Invitational two weeks ago. Playing his best tournament rounds of his career, Green is looking for the rest of the team to follow suit.

"We're a competitive bunch. When one person is playing really well, everybody wants to beat 'em. With me playing that well...hopefully I set a target on my back and everyone can try to beat me," Green said.

Darton State is hoping to fit in 54 holes on Monday and Tuesday. However, the temperature will decide Monday's early tee off time.