Darton State Golf Driving in Style

The Darton State College golf team can usually be found at the top of the junior college golf ranks. This year, the Cavaliers will be riding to those tournaments looking like a top team.

Thanks to the generosity of several Darton State boosters, the Cavaliers will be riding to their tournaments in the comfort and luxury of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.

Coach Bill Jones III says this is a huge statement to go along with the team's new branding. It will also make a statement with recruits.

"It's a huge recruiting advantage. When you can tell somebody that you ride into all the tournaments in this van, and then you can show up to a junior golf tournament and they can see it in person. Words and pictures don't even do it justice," Coach Jones said.

The Cavaliers get their chance to test out the new ride at next week's CACC Invitational in Alexander City, Alabama.