Darton State Baseball Stealing to Success

It's best to keep a close eye on Darton State baseball. If you don't, you may miss them.

The 12th ranked Cavaliers are 25-5 this season, first in the conference at 12-1, due in large part to their admiration for the stolen base.

Constantly forcing the issue, the Cavaliers lead the nation in stolen bases averaging over three bags a game. It's a plan carefully crafted by head coach Scot Hemmings that dates back to his days at Andrew College.

"(At Andrew) that's the way we had to play to be successful," Hemmings said.

Now, the Cavaliers coach has it down to a science or in this case-- a statistic.

Hemmings began preaching the success to failure rate of the stolen base at the beginning of the Cavaliers season. Midway through the year, it's clear the players are running with the philosophy.

According to the head coach, even the best catcher is going to throw out only about 20% of base runners looking to snag an extra bag. Currently, the squad has a success rate of 86% stealing 99 bases compared to only 16 put-outs.

"When you're aggressive, you put pressure on the defense. This year, it's shown that we've been able to be successful because of the pressure," catcher Davis Knapp said.

"Speed has a lot to do with it. That's what we've based our team around. Then, in the middle of the order, we have a couple of guys who can really hit it," Hemmings added.

The Cavaliers are looking to keep that blazing trend rolling this weekend with three games at Andrew College.