Darton Soccer Holds Directions for Title Drive

With the 2012 national championship in Albany, the Darton State College men's soccer team has all the incentive they need, and the third-ranked Cavaliers can envision that finish line.

The Cavaliers cabinet is full for a title run down Albany's Gillionville Road.

All-American Troy Tucker is returns along with Darton's 2011 leading scorer, Jowayne Laidley.

Cool, calm and collected in reference to their national ranking. The Cavaliers see this season as a great business opportunity.

"I think it's great for the program, and I think it's great for Darton College and Albany. Obviously, we still have to earn it, and that will be our goal this weekend...we'll find out real quick where we sit," Head Coach Bart Sasnett said.

"We just need to go out and keep winning and showing everyone how good we are. Last year, we fell a little short, but this year we're coming back strong. Hopefully, we can win it all...that's what we're going for," Forward Andrew Palumbo said.

This weekend, the men's soccer team is taking a trip through Texas for a scrimmage against the number four ranked team in the country, Tyler Junior College.

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