Darton Golf Unproven But Unphased by National Competition

Twelve straight NJCAA National Championship appearances means you're doing something right. Next week, Darton State golf will take that esteemed number into the national tournament, also taking fresh some fresh faces.

Steeped in championship tradition, the program is searching for its first NJCAA national golf title since 2007. They're doing it with five players that have never experienced the highest level.

Though, it doesn't mean the Cavaliers aren't talented. Three of their golfers have won individual tournaments this season. DC only needs to piece the whole product together.

"It's impossible to get that out of your head. You just try your best to get them prepared. They're going to be nervous no matter what, but at least if they feel like they're ready...those nerves are going to be a bad thing," Cavaliers head coach Bill Jones said.

Darton State will be playing one the nicest college courses in the nation. The NJCAA Championship tees off next Tuesday at the Rawls Course in Lubbock, Texas.